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Flood - Nepal

GLIDE CODE: FL-20060828-7368-NPL
Date & Time: 2006.08.28 - 03:41:36
Area: Nepal , Rapti River, Banke és Bardiya ( MAP)


At least five persons were killed and more than 100 missing Sunday when floods ravaged low lying areas in Banke and Bardiya, officials had earlier said. The floods in the Rapti River triggered by two days of constant rains inundated many low-lying areas in the districts around 400 kilometres west of Kathmandu. A police officer in the Banke district said rescue efforts were continuing and that the army, police and Nepal Red Cross were participating. Local media reports said the floods had made thousands homeless and many people had sought safety by climbing up trees. The floods had cut off all form of communications with several villages and the fate of people there was still unknown, media reports said. The army and police had rescued at least 45 people from a village and taken them to higher ground near the Nepalese-Indian border, but had had to leave them there because of the 'fury of the floods,' Radio Nepal reported. The affected areas are located in the plains of! Nepal. Hundreds of houses had been damaged by the floods and people were fleeing their houses in search of safety, the report said. Farmers in the plains of west Nepal had been praying for the delayed rains when the flooding started. Floods also severed road links in west Nepal, reports said. The damage came after 10 members of a family were killed and four injured in a landslide caused by heavy rains in the Baitadi district, 560 kilometres west of Kathmandu, on Saturday.

Number of Deads: 15 persons