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Biological Hazard - Indonesia

GLIDE CODE: BH-20060827-7360-IDN
Date & Time: 2006.08.27 - 09:13:44
Area: Indonesia West Java, Garut , ( MAP)


Indonesia's Garut district of West Java province will soon conduct poultry depopulation by culling some 2,000 fowls in order to prevent the spread of bird flu in the region. The plan to mass cull fowls was made after the discovery of several chickens which tested positive for the avian influenza virus in the villages of Cigadong and Cijambe, Antara news agency on Saturday quoted local Animal Husbandry Service Head Andi Rachmat as saying. He said that the mass culling of poultry in the district would be conducted on Sunday and Monday. The planned culling of 2,000 fowls would follow the previous ones which involved 3,528 birds, so that the total number of fowls to have been killed would reach 5,528, Andi said. He said the depopulation would be followed by vaccinations of 70,000 fowls with 70,000 doses of vaccine. Plans had been made to provide vaccine for 300,000 fowls in Garut. Scores of humans suspected of being infected with bird flu were discovered in Garut recently! . Nine cases were reported last week. Two of them, a 17-year old man identified as U and a girl identified as ASA (9) (died) were said to be positive bird flu virus carriers. Two other patients, I (5) and S (6) were said tested negative but they were still hospitalized at Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung, West Java provincial capital. Four other suspects, a man initialed M (20), a women initialed EL (35), a girl R (13) and a boy S (4) have died before health official were able to take the sample of their blood. Until now a total of 62 bird flu cases have been confirmed in Indonesia and 47 of them had died, but none of the deaths was caused by having been infected with the virus by a fellow human being, officials said.

Damage level: Moderate