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UK & Ireland Summary Thu Jul 13
Wed 12 Jul 17:14
Cloudier in south
Sunny, dry Friday

A cloudy morning across central and southern England with some mist and low cloud along with the odd spot of drizzle around coasts. Brighter and dry here in the afternoon. A few scattered showers will affect the north of Scotland in the morning then dry and sunny in the afternoon. For the remainder of the United Kingdom it should be dry and mostly sunny. Expect highs at 16 to 19C for northern Scotland and Northern Ireland, 22 to 24C for England and Wales.

Thursday Night
Cloud across the far south of England should thin to sunny spells this evening. For all remaining areas it's a fine evening to come with some late sunshine. Overnight all parts w ill be dry and clear with some patchy fog developing through central and northern parts of England. A stiff north east wind will develop along the channel coast. A chilly night i n the north with lows of 3 to 6C, 7 to 15C for the south.

Patchy fog will soon disperse from central and northern parts of England. For the whole of the United Kingdom it's a fine, dry day to come with long spells of unbroken sunshine, though more cloud is expected for northern Scotland. Pleasantly warm today but feeling chilly along the southe rn coasts where it will be quite windy. Continued dry and clear in all areas into the evening and night with patchy ground fog developing in low lying locations by dawn. Highs of 18 to 24C north to south.

Another windy day along the channel coast today. Some drizzly rain will affect the far north west of Scotland and The Western Isles throughout the day. For the bulk of the country it will remain settled and dry with good sunny spells, though more cloud may affect North Sea coasts with an onshore wind. Dry with well broken cloud this evening and tonight. Highs of 20 to 26C north to south.