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Torrens Flood - China

GLIDE CODE: FF-20060707-6686-CHN
Date & Time: 2006.07.07 - 07:14:19
Area: China Gansu Province, Qingxi Oil Field, Yumen ( MAP)


Five oil workers have been confirmed dead and another two are still missing in a flood in northwest China's Gansu Province. The flood washed away the camp that was home to 50 oil workers who were doing exploration work at the Qingxi Oil Field in Yumen City of Gansu. All the workers were from the Tuha Oil Field Company headquartered in Hami, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur AutonomousRegion. Three workers died on the spot. Two more were found dead late Thursday afternoon. Six workers have been hospitalized. The remainders escaped, according to the local sources. The flood was caused by a heavy rainstorm hitting the area at around 3 p.m. Thursday.

Number of Deads: 5 persons
Number of Injured persons: 2 persons
Damage level: Moderate