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Terror Attac - Moldova

GLIDE CODE: VW-20060706-6682-MDA
Date & Time: 2006.07.06 - 16:04:40
Area: Moldova , , Tiraspol ( MAP)


An explosion ripped apart a small bus in a separatist Moldovan region Thursday, killing eight people and injuring 46. More than half of those injured in the explosion in Tiraspol, capital of Trans-Dniester, were seriously hurt, prosecutor Ivan Lesukov was quoted as saying Moldova's official Olvia Pres news agency. A photo showed the remains of the bus with its roof and sides blown off. The cause of the explosion was not immediately known, the news agency said, quoting the Interior Ministry press office. Most of those injured were passers-by, and 10 were passengers on another bus who were hurt by the impact of the blast. Lenta PNR said 12 passengers were travelling on the bus that exploded. Eight of them died and four were badly injured.

Number of Deads: 8 persons
Number of Injured persons: 46 persons
Damage level: Heavy