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Explosion - USA

GLIDE CODE: EX-20060708-6700-USA
Date & Time: 2006.07.08 - 07:32:09
Area: USA Idaho, , Boise ( MAP)


An explosion and fire Friday at a building being converted into a biodiesel plant killed one man and injured the victim's father and another employee, state police said.

Blaise Black, 25, was killed. He had been welding on top of a biodiesel storage tank at Blue Sky Biodiesel at the time of the blast, state police spokesman Rick Ohnsman said. The tank contained an unknown amount of the fuel, and the blast set off another, smaller one and a fire, he said.

Black's father, Rob, who tried to rescue his son, and another employee suffered burns and smoke inhalation, Ohnsman said. They were treated at the scene.

Blue Sky had been converting an old fruit warehouse in New Plymouth into the biodiesel facility, which was to convert raw soy oil into the alternative fuel. The fire destroyed the building.

Residents who had been temporarily evacuated were allowed to return to their homes Friday afternoon, Ohnsman said. New Plymouth is about 50 miles northwest of Boise on the border with Oregon.

Number of Deads: 1 persons

Not confirmed information!