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A magnitude 7.3 earthquake EAST OF SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS has occurred at:
60.81S 21.46W Depth 10km Mon Jan 2 06:10:49 2006 UTC

Time: Universal Time (UTC) Mon Jan 2 06:10:49 2006
Time Near Epicenter Mon Jan 2 05:10:49 2006
Eastern Standard Time (EST) Mon Jan 2 01:10:49 2006
Central Standard Time (CST) Mon Jan 2 00:10:49 2006
Mountain Standard Time (MST) Sun Jan 1 23:10:49 2006
Pacific Standard Time (PST) Sun Jan 1 22:10:49 2006
Alaska Standard Time (AST) Sun Jan 1 21:10:49 2006
Hawaii Standard Time (HST) Sun Jan 1 20:10:49 2006

Location with respect to nearby cities:
345 km (215 miles) SE of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands
565 km (350 miles) SE of Visokoi Island, South Sandwich Islands
1155 km (720 miles) SE of Grytviken, South Georgia
3270 km (2030 miles) N of South Pole, Antarctica