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A very small earthquake occurred Mon Jan 2, 2006 about 06:41:02 CST
(Jan 2, 2006 12:41:02 GMT). The event was 0.34 km ( 0.21 mi) north
of Wilson Junction, AR (Mississippi). The magnitude was 1.5.

Origin Time: 2006/01/02 12:41:02.48
Magnitude: 1.5
Hypocenter: 35.85 deg latitude -90.06 deg longitude
Depth: 18.82 km
Number Picks: 23
Closest Station: 4 km
RMS: 0.12 sec
Gap: 81 deg
Quality: B

Error Ellipsoid, axis #1: azm> 214 dip> 7 len> 1.36 km
axis #1: azm> 121 dip> 25 len> 3.09 km

This is a preliminary location and magnitude determined from
data provided by the Central and Southeast U.S. Cooperative
Seismic Network and by the U.S. Geological Survey. Magnitude
and location may change slightly as more data become available.

Additional information on the CUSSN is available at: