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UK & Ireland Summary Thu Jul 06WeatherOnline
Wed 05 Jul 21:00
Rather cloudy, periods of rain
Feeling fresher everywhere

A cloudy morning through most of England and Wales. There will be periods of rain passing through the Midlands and southern England, most of it showery but a few moderate bursts could be mixed in there as well. Over most of Scotland and Wales there will be broken cloud with a few sunny spells coming through, the best of these in eastern Scotland. Over Ireland and western Scotland it will be a damp and cloudy morning with light outbreaks of rain. The afternoon sees showery rain for much of eastern Scotland and eastern England, an odd one of them heavy. For western Scotland and the west of Ireland some more persist ent rain may be moving in, giving an odd heavier burst over western Scotland. Southern and eastern Ireland should be drier. Temperatures could still nudge 25C in northeast England, more typically 20 to 21C through Ireland and Wales.

Thursday night
Showers over western and central parts of Scotland overnight, most of these fairly light. For the south of Ireland it is going to be mainly dry, although a few showers are possible. A few showers could also nudge into the west of Wales and southwest England. For much of central and eastern England, as well as eastern Scotland it is going to be rather cloudy although should stay dry. Lows near 7 to 12C.

A chance of a few showers over southeast England this morning. This should fade away and then for much of England, Wales and Scotland it should be generally dry. There will be a fair amount of cloud, but also a few sunny spells. Showers are always likely to be affecting the west of Ireland and western Scotland. Temperatures rising to 15C in western Scotland, 23C in southeast England.

A breezier day for northern Scotland where there will also be a few showers. Over most of England, Wales and Ireland it should be dry with sunny spells. A few showers could form during t he course of the day, with the cloud increasing through western Scotland later.